New! Lavender Harvester for Medicinal Herbs


Semi-Automated Harvester for Medicinal Herbs Features:

  • Compact machine for 40/50 horsepower tractors with double three points joints: a rear joint for on road carriage and a front joint for the operational harvest;
  • Adjustable harvest head with a 60 cm edged blade with interchangeable knives and supporting sideways spares;
  • The head has 2 positions: the first one is for the operational phase when it is placed beside the tractor; the other is for the carriage phase when it is reversed behind taking up a minimal amount of space;
  • A double and folding belt loading system for on road carriage that is useful for its excellent conveying of products and for the windproof function without any dispersions. The belts inclination is controlled by a manual side regulator screw;
  • Operator flippable platform with protections on sides, size 265×110, that allow to store safety the crop in bags or boxes during the harvesting.

Regulation controls:

  • Operator panel to control the speed of the laden belts positioned on the platform;
  • Manual regulation system for lateral shifting of belts group and cutting head to align rightly along the line during the harvest (the hydraulic regulation system is available on demand).

Optional accessories:

  • an additional hydraulic system with tank and pump;
  • a hydraulic regulation system for lateral shifting of belts group and head.