New! Combined Flowerbed Maker Machine Model SFB

SFB Combined Flowerbed Maker Machine

Combined machine for passive convexing and ground mulch, adjustable up to 30 centimeters high.
It is possible to use for convexing only.
To be used on finished plot of land.

Machine Description details:

  • Strengthened structure with unmovable frame TF200 and supporting side wheels;
  • Double couple of anterior land conveyors adjustable with wear-free replaceable plows;
  • Mulch coil carrier with clutch;
  • Height adjustable flower bed maker;
  • Stainless Steel roller-compactor;
  • Amortised tensioning roller;
  • Rubber back wheels as mulch cloth stopper;
  • Couple of back furrows for piling up to fix the cloth (replaceable by disks).

Other available accessories:

  • Laying hose device with coil support;
  • Spreading equipment located on mechanical transmission line;
  • Located Microgranular Equipment with mechanical transmission;
  • Row trackers with mechanical and hydraulic controls;
  • Disks for piling up (removable with ploughshares);
  • Supporting device for additional mulch coil.