Pneumatic seed drill

Automatic, with innovative distribution sistem, for the planting of grasses and corn seeds with a diameter greater than 4 mm or within capsules.

SMP seed drill is used for mulching of pre-sowing plans using plastic or biodegradable cellulose film. It can be also equipped with drip irrigation system by the laying of a hose under the film.

Water saving of about 60% with a production increase from 40 to 60%.

Working features: the front roller levels the ground and prepare the seed plan – the central roller lays the film – the central wheels ensure the constant contact of the film to the ground, facilitating its ridging – the rear plows-hares ridge the soil at the sides of the film, blocking it in position – the cylinders, on the wheels of sowing, after removing the seeds from the appropriate hoppers pneumatically, penetrate the soil by piercing the film. When each cylinder will be in a position perpendicular to the ground, releasing the seed – the rear small wheels compact the soil after the happened one seed.