RA942E Harvester

Inter-row (to be specified at order confirmation) from 110 to 140 cm
Harvesting rows 2
Defoliators alignment mechanical pendulum system
Defoliators standard: rubber for lower and medium leaves
Engine:** FPT (TIER 3A)
– cycle / stokes / cylinders diesel / 4 / 4 in line
– total displacement 4.485 cm³
– maximum power 74 kw to 2.300 rpm
– maximum torque 435 Nm to 1.250 rpm
Total empty ewight: 6.300 kg
Steering: hydraulic
Brakes: hydrostatic
Wheels: 4 drive wheels with 18” rims

2 front steering wheel

Tires (1st and 2nd axle) : 14,5 R20
Drive: reversible hydrostatic drive

with forward/reverse lever

Maximum speed: 25 km/h
Battery: n°1 12 V 145 Ah
Fuel tank: Capacity 210 lt
Code 100 000 942


Complete grate-type defoliator (pair)
Complete blade-type defoliator (pair)
Complete stalk cutter (pair)
Air conditioning unit


Automatic two-row (rear-mounted receptacle) machine.

Model conceived and manu-factured for the automated harvesting of tobacco leaves.

The RA942E harvester, which operates on inter-row from 110 to 140 cm width has 4-wheel drive powered by a hydrostatic drive system with wheels that steer only with the front axle.

Machine type-approved for circulating on the road.

The tobacco leaves are picked gradually starting from the lowest and working upwards, according to maturity, working two rows simultaneously.

The leaves are pulled off the plant as they are struck by spinning rubber spirals on two bars (defoliating unit).

A grate-type or knives-type defoliator, mounted instead of the two bars, removes the top leaves.

The defoliation is due to special defoliators, placed to pendulum, which follow the straightness of the rows.

The detached leaves are sent by metal rollers onto vertical conveyor belts that, in turn, lift them toward the storage receptacle, into which they are blown by a continuous flow of air.

The container, placed in the rear of the machine, for the discharge phase in trolleys, raises and opens on operator command.